design & art direction

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︎︎︎ Social
︎︎︎ Brand Campaign

ACDs: Aimee Perrin & Stu Rubin
CD: Rose Sacktor

Worked on evergreen content, the website revamp, and brand campaign for The Community Spirit, a new purpose-led spirits brand that commits its resources to elevating and strengthening communities. I concepted and executed social content, off-premise activations, and coordinated and designed collateral for the Block Bottle campaign.  

The product and brand are designed with a blank label and intentionally minimal, industrial type in order to act as a platform for causes and communities.

We then evolved the look and feel of the activations of the brand to be very grassroots & run-and-gun, which allowed us to experiment with textures and multimedia collaging throughout the brand activation and partnerships.

Collaged labels for Tales of the Cocktail, an annual trade conference and festival that brings together an international cocktail and hospitality community in New Orleans. The featured artwork of each label champions the bartenders’ specialty cocktails and the communities that they rep: Naama Tamir, Christine Wiseman, and Joel Rivas. 

IG posts for The Community Spirit’s very active IG, to promote the event, each bartender + their communities and initiatives.

Cocktail card for the “Tejano”.

I also redesigned the website to immerse and invite vendors, potential partners and communities into the TCS world, showcasing all that this spirit does and aims to do. The design highlights playful moments and sections that seamlessly peel off into separate pages for viewers to learn more. You can check the full site out here

I also created some OOH, and in store displays to introduce and promote TCS irl.