design & art direction

︎︎︎ Type Design
︎︎︎ Advertising

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
CD: Christine Santora
AD: Bowook Yoon

Awards: Webby: People’s Voice Winner, One Club For Creativity: Silver Pencil

To promote Heinz Tomato Blood for Halloween, we needed to find the perfect infuencer. We went with a 280 year old vegetarian vampire, Toby (full name: Tobiathian the Harbinger of Death and Destruction.) 

I designed a custom vampire font (and language) for him to communicate to his fellow vampires, and designed the OOH for the campaign. 

The font was used on billboards in four cities known for their larger vampire populations: Portland, Chicago, Salem, and New Orleans. Catering to our target audience, they came to life in the dark, in their native language.

The font was also used in our PR release.