design & art direction

︎︎︎ Brand Extension
︎︎︎ Campaign

This campaign uses Spotify’s curated platform as an inventive way to facilitate voting - not only to inform the younger generation about the upcoming election, how to register, & more; but also to empower young people to participate in democracy and civic engagement. What better brand to communicate the importance of civic engagement to listeners and artists, especially after the lack of millennial voting in the 2016 election?

︎︎︎ The Mission

Reach as many millennials as possible to access resources around voting, drive higher voter turnout, and inform our next generations on the importance of voting for ones’ rights.




Color Palette


Print & OOH ↓

Incorporating energetic motion, a bold color palette, and Spotify’s unmistakeable tone of voice, the campaign is to be executed across outdoor, digital, and social media channels.

Social ↓

Playful type with brand colors and captions drive millennials to discover resources (link in bio!)