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︎︎︎ Identity System
︎︎︎ Neighborhood Branding

Echo Park is one of Los Angeles’ most historic and diverse neighborhoods, housing the West Coast’s first film studio. Located within the quadrilateral bounded by the Los Angeles River, the 110 Freeway, Glendale Boulevard and Beverly Boulevard, this neighborhood was the epicenter of the silent film industry, and a mainstay for artists and communists in the years leading up to World War II. 

The neighborhood is gentrifying, but it still maintains its funky and diverse vibe. The community is friendly, charming and welcoming, and this branding aims to capture the underground town that thrives within the massive influence of LA. The resulting brand is self aware, irreverent, alternative, and down to party.  

︎︎︎ The Mission

The goal is to maintain Echo Park as a counter-culture stronghold of L.A. despite the seeping gentrification from its counterparts. Contribute to the cultural transformation and vitality of Echo Park by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and creative innovation.

︎︎︎ Values


︎︎︎ Environmental Graphics 

Turns out that the outline of the most charming LA neighborhood looks like a thumbs up. Pretty cute, right? We put it in the first issue of the Echo Park brandbook, along with some branded matches and various tote bags.